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Monday, May 26, 2014

facebook - thread on UKRANIA's, May 25th, 2014, elections

  • Farida Garmash They wanted this to shred into pieces Ukraine. This is the tragedy of the Ukrainian people, so they run away from it all and create their enunciated republic. Next would probably be more ........Already many European politicians write that U.S. inciting conflict in Ukrainian Europe which does not want to have bad relations with Russia with us because from this is suffering all! economy and politics etc. But the main point in what is happening to get closer to Russia's borders. It is a dream ......... But this is the end for them!

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Farida Garmash... Facebook buying the Ukrania for 16 billion USD is just a hoax. A nice to think. It is my opinion that Ukrania must become neutral. Ukrania must not join the EU nor the Russian Federation. Like this they can negotiate bilaterally with any country they would like to do so. Also they must change their political system to more direct democracy.

    Like in Switzerland he Regions must be represented in Kiew in a way that each region has an identical number of representatives in the regional assemblyt and a number of representatives of each region proportional to the number citizens living in that region. Both of them compose the parliament. The classic way of democracy must be lived in such a system.

    The parliament is the law-making group (judiciary). Its main concerne is the supervision of the Administration (President, Ministeries), The President as well as the ministers are the employees of the population, which in fact pay their salaries, their allowances, their cars, their infrastructure as a whole. as well as everything they do. The people are the souvereign. They are in cotrol of the councelors and by the formers also the ministers as well as the president.

    This must be envisaged by everybody.

    EU - keep your hands off!!!
    USA - keep your hands off!!!
    Russia - keep your hands off!!!
    China: keep your hands off!!!
    all other countries - keep your hands off!!!

    All those and other countries and their military entity Nato as well as organisations such as Un must keep their hands off.

    Only the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) ( is bound to support the Ukrania if ever she wants.

    For the Ukranian people of all region a political direct democratic system such as Switzerland's will prevent them from being unheard and without any influence in the capital Kiew.
    The OSCE stands for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Wi... See More

  • Thomas Ramseyer
    BK Schweizerische BundeskanzleiEDA Eidgenössisches Departement für auswärtige An... See More

  • Thomas Ramseyer It has become evident, that the separatistic group in the East of the Ukrania do NOT represent the people's true intentions. Armed forces keeping people off the ballots are the ones going to enslave the people once on seat.

  • Thomas Ramseyer Neutrality for the Ukranian people will be the solution... NOT guns and bullets.
    It is direct democracy as well as neutrality; Chocolate will not help much.

    • Farida Garmash Thomas Ramseyer And unless Russia someone makes to join its territory of? If Crimea expressed a desire to return home (historically this is our territory which Nikita Khrushchev gave while by drunk to Ukraine, which at the time was also the territory of the USSR, so is their free will.
      We are one people: we have the same Slavic roots. Possible say a lot, but the main reason for all this what is written above!
      There is an intentional policy of U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of other countries ....... that tries to control everything. But in Russia it will not work. After all, this has never happened.

    • Farida Garmash Thank you for your comments

    • Thomas Ramseyer you are welcome...

    • Thomas Ramseyer @ Farida Garmash: if the people decide - but not are forced - in a democratic manner to join e.g. Russia, they may do it. This is the nature of democracy... if other countries (EU, US as well as the baltics) do not like it, they prove to NOT understand what democracy as well as the will of the population means.

    • Thomas Ramseyer On US-administration's hegemonistic strategy I completely agree with you.

    • Thomas Ramseyer National interest to them means total control for their own benefit.

    • Thomas Ramseyer it has always been a matter of resources...

    • Thomas Ramseyer or in the case of certain countries' their common borders with countries disposing of OIL, GAS, MINERALS, SEAWAYS, strategically important Islands (Krim)

    • Thomas Ramseyer check on financial potential as well as energy... and you will know the true reason in 99% of the cases.

    • Swetlana Claire schnäppchen !

    • Thomas Ramseyer also we MUST differ between Americans and the US-Administration. There are a lot of Americans which do not agree at all with what their Administration is doing.