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Thursday, May 22, 2014

RUSSIA - EU - USA - change of paradigm - China and Russia Reach 30-Year Gaz Deal

BEIJING — China and Russia signed a $400 billion gas deal on Wednesday, giving Moscow a megamarket for its leading export and linking two major powers that, despite a rocky history of alliances and rivalries, have drawn closer to counter the clout of the United States and Europe.

Sanctions to be taken destroy economic relationship

EU-Members have to do whatever the US-Administration wants them to do. They do it even if they destroy themselves in an economical point of view. They are even able to sacrify their youths as well as their soil for the sake of some country's hegemonistic administration's intention which is WAR on foreign soil abroad.

There are countries such like Switzerland not even belonging to the EU, joining the ranks of some puppet-on-a-string governments of the european association manipulators' club.

Sanctions so far invented
1) USA/EU: No visa for some Russians
1.1) Russia: No visa for some people of the axis of the "good"

2) USA/EU: freezing of Russian individuals' money throughout the world
2.1) Russia: forbids credit card companies to operate in Russia, inventing own credit card system.
2.2) Russia: Goods such as oil and gaz are settled agains Rubels, no USD needed anymore.
2.3) Russia: Opening Russian commodity board of trade on Russian soil, no CBOT needed anymore.

Whatever sanctions the EU/US put into action will be to the disadvantage of the EU and all her followers.

Measures to be taken by EU

Stop trade with Russia
(As there are a lot of EU based - e.g. German -interest in Russia, the big-time losers will be the Germans.)

Retaliating measures to be taken by Russia
Stop delivery of oil as well as gas to EU-member countries will provoke substantial damage to the latters' economies as well as the quality of their peoples' living standards.

Russia is able to substitute her economical relationship with the EU by other relationships with countries. It will only be a matter of time. As the Russians do not live to be measured from one
trimester to the other they have a much more realistic timeframe for things to be changed.

As the Ukranian problem is an internal problem Russia will never be as stupid as the US/EU governments consider them. They will never go for a "rescue" operation into the Ukrania to give a reason to the US/EU to start another war on european soil.

The various peoples all over geographical Europe - not EUrope - do NOT want another WorldWar to be kicked off on European soil.

Let Ukranian people solve their problem themselves. There are no Russians in the Ukrania there are only Ukranians which have it up to the brim of their hats when it comes to be governed by a bunch of marionettes set up by that group of interest.

As the world just learned the eastern Ukranians want to become an independent country. They voted in a democratic processus for independancy and a majority of the people are willing to separate from the Ukrania.

So let it be!

copyright thomas ramseyer