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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Population 63,742,977
Source CIA The World Factbook
United Kingdom's growth rate (0.54% birth over death), fertility rate (1.9 children per woman) as well as her birthrate (12.22 births per woman, Germany 8.42) is ranked 160.

The majority of the population is white 87.2%. there are only 3% of the population being black/African/Caribbean or black British, 2.3% are Asian/Asian British: Indian, 1.9% Asian/Asian British: Pakistani, 2% mixed and other 3.7% (2011 est.) Since 2011 there not been much change.

United Kingdom's shape of the demographic situation looks much better than Switzerlands and the majority of EU-member States as well. This presumably stems from immigration.

Whereas the UK is on her way to solve the demographic problem on her own, Switzerland will depend on the population of India, Philipines, Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel as well as SubSaharaAfrica.

All the other countries - mainly the European countries as well as Russia and China - are in the same shoe as Switzerland.

Some of the countries  such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico mentioned to step in, already show a distinct trend towards European fertility ratios. Their age structures are about to change for the worse.
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