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Sunday, May 25, 2014

facebook - #BringBackOurGirls developping serious discussion

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The United States should send in special forces to rescue the hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram—whether the Nigerian government gives permission or not, according to Sen. John McCain.
“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain told The Daily Beast Tuesday. “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan,” he added, referring to the president of Nigeria.

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  • Fadima Ibrahim American arrogance! And rescuing the girls is not their priority.

  • Aminu A. Ayama Really ??

  • Fadima Ibrahim Yes,whenever Maccain speaks,evil action will follow. What they r saying about our president is correct but Maccain? Huh!

  • Peter Durah @Fadima you are right. But if I were one of the parents I'd ask anybody to do anything, right or wrong to bring back my girl. If you were in their shoes......

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Fadima Ibrahim: it is all about having US-soldiers on soil in Nigeria; the rescue of the abducted girls is false pretense:
    you are right; in fact the US-Administration - not the American people - is arrogant.
    Das United States Africa Command (AFRICOM; deutsch Afrikanisches Kommando der Ve... 

  • Fadima Ibrahim @Ramseyer,you r right and I think u know them more than we do.

  • Thomas Ramseyer just read history...
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  • Aiyekooto Orilonise It is not a question of anyone knowing anything, just let them bring back the girls, I will then be in a position to listen to all this postulations. It is very easy to pontificate when we are not at the receiving end. Just give thoughts to the pains, ...See More

  • Thomas Ramseyer do not lecture me, Aiyekooto Orilonise. I am far away from "pontificating". What you are doing I am doing since it happened. It is kind of arrogant of you to tell other people what to do. By doing so you insinuate that you might be one of the only ones...


  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Thomas, are you a biological father to a child? If you are, then answer my question please. It has nothing to do with where you live.

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise:
    i am the biologial father of two sons born 1977, 1981, one daughter 1987, one granddaughter 2013.---

  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Great! Now, please, do me a favour and answer my question: If the girl was kidnapped with the probability of raping being 1 and probability of further harm done to her 0.98, when you are helpless and everyone around you is helpless, if someone whose gifts are PERCEIVED to be GREEK, with success probability of 0.8 offers to help , would you accept or not?

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise:
    As I am a trained soldier I would take matters in my own hands and revenge my daughter if they did any harm to her.

  • Thomas Ramseyer Also I believe that my sons - they also are trained soldiers - would follow me in the action.

  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Thank you very much, I really appreciate this and respect your stand. But how does this fit into the Issue at stake? I mean what is the correlation between what you have just said you will do and the problem at hand facing Nigeria as a country being offered assistance to save herself from herself? Any relationship?

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise:
    Think about your dialectics; you are jumping from one corner to the other. The problem is neither the abduction of the girls nor Boko Haram. The problem is the development of the country's domestic economy due to well known reasons. Thus if you want to know more about the assistance Nigeria must be offered get informed.
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  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise:
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  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise: I personally have a small project running by Nigerians in the construction sector....

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise: now the crucial question: What are your suggestions to solve any problem?? How are you engaged in solving the Nigerian population's problem? What does your country GB do for assisting Nigeria in solving her problem?

    Remember, i
    ...See More
    Archaeological research, pioneered by Thurstan Shaw and Steve Daniels,[1] has sh... See More

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise: it is my strong belief that knowledge, science, experience, skills have to be transferred for free from the northern hemispherians to subsaharaafricans. Nidoe Swiss' vocational training initiative supported by Switzerland's admin...See More
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  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Aiyekooto Orilonise: it is my opinion that in fact the multiple-hundred-abduction is a collateral battle field. right now there is a worldwide concerted uproar pointing out the helplessness not only of the Nigerian Government but also the Nigerian po...

  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Thomas, it would appear we are not reading from the same sheet. My stand is against those saying America is not here to save the children but to have a hold on Nigeria. Jumping from. That certainly is not me, it is not my style. Thanks for the links, i will read them soon and revert to you. Cheers. Meanwhile, let them bring back our girls.

  • Thomas Ramseyer It is my opinion that the US-Administration is there to save the children but also to get hold of Nigeria.

  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Oh, I am happy to hear that. I will address the other issues you raised when I get home.

  • Thomas Ramseyer .... but also to get hold of Nigeria.......

  • Aiyekooto Orilonise Yes, Thomas , I am home now but before reading your links, let me quickly touch on your " It is my opinion that ................." in no particular order. You the rescue of the girls will ONLY bring relief to the families. I agree but it does much more than that. The rescue is the primary and most Important while others are secondary. The relief goes beyond the immediate families in that, in the process of rescuing, skills and knowledge would be acquired, sponsors that hitherto been wrapped with cotton wool would be exposed, having been exposed , people can now stand up to them and say thus far no more. Their Impunity can never go unchallenged as before. There will now be further collateral damages as people will now extend their to the extended families of the vampires. I can go on and on and on but this should suffice for now.

    You said having rescued the girls, America will not want to leave. And I ask, : What is leadership of a Country about? What was the basis of their coming in the first Instance? If my Govt is so amorphous and Irresponsible enough not to separate the Nation's Interest from personal Interest and use that to draw a line beyond which America should not go, who are we to blame? I do not like passing buck of our own Irresponsibility to others. America can not stay If we have responsible leaders who do not want them to stay.

    You said " It is the duty of ...................", that is exactly my point. Too often, we choose the line of least resistance and at times, no resistance at all. Tell me, whose duty is it to manage Nigerian Economy? How can a country that is the 6th largest oil producer be this poor? How could a country with abundance of mineral resources begging to be exploited be begging others nations? Is it not tragic that our currency that exchanged a few years ago at N0.80 to a Dollar now goes for N170 to the same Dollar? Who we blame?

    When we talk of exploitation, Nigeria has enough in our "kitty" that we are supposed to be the one "exploiting" others Including America and I am not exaggerating but ask me If we know/have anything about R&D. Unless of course, if our R&D is in corruption. If I am ready to short-change my country because of corruption, do you have to blame the other party or me? All said and done, we don't have to look too far for example, just peep into that South American country that just lost her leader and now having his alter-ego as president. In short, we should learn to take responsibility for our actions. For now, please, let me take some water.

    Thomas Ramseyer In fact the ones to blaim are the people. Every people gets the government it deserves as the people chose their government themselves. Also in a democracy the majority's will must be executed. This means 50% of the votes plus one single vote decide. As it is overhere in our direct democracy.

    When it comes to managing an economy so it is the duty of the lawmakers to creat an environment for the economy to prosper. The president with all the various ministers are responsible to execute within the frame given by the lawmakers. The lawmakers must supervise the governments as well as the ministry's activity. This just according to the textbooks.

    OIL: Nigeria is ranked number 12 regarding daily production of 2'524'000 BBL/day of oil. (no 1 is Saudi Arabia producing 11'730'000 BBL/day)

    It is ranked number 5 regarding export 2'341'000 BBL/day (no 1 Saudi Arabia 6'880'000 BBL/day

    Regarding proved reserves Nigeria is no 10 with 37'200'000'000 BBL (Venezuela 297'600'000'000

    When it comes to population Nigeria is number 10 with 177'155'754 people (this must be compared with the population of the other big oil producers/exporters; in fact to get a good judgement use export by capita)

    Monetary reserves: Foreign Exchange and Gold Nigeria is no 43 owning USD 47'700'000'000 (e.g. Switzerland is no 5 with USD 536'300'000'000'000) (e.g. USA rank 19 USD 150'200'000'000)
    (also break it down to money available for imports by capita)

    Nigerian government's expenditures sum up to USD 31.51 Billion the revenues to USD 23.85 Billion resulting in a budget DEFICIT of USD 8.66 Billion.

    Nigeria may look like being a rich country when looking at the big economic financial figures. Already looking at the same figures by capita in the case of a population of 177 Million people shows that the big figures must be brought into perspective.

    Example OIL: if the total revenues generated by the oil exports were given to the population in equal shares (per capita) - this is hypothetical because it is NOT possible - the outcome would be as follows:
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