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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

facebook - NIGERIA - POVERTY - thread kicked off by

I dont know the current poverty index...what am seeing right now is that there are and more poor Nigerians....(dont ask me when i counted them) when you remember that this class includes professionals..some of who you know personally....some of the poor have geniunely tried to get out..or were rudely thrown into the class...its scary..even more scary to think that its getting worse
  • Sam Abdulazeez BA: If you know this, why do you keep saying no hope in APC. If we keep on voting PDP, do you think we will have a change? APC may not be 100% right in many cases, but don't you think they need be tried. Is there any other alternative right now?

  • Meena Dogonyaro Its good u are seeing it live. Many that u know are not living life as u know them to be. Alot has changed within many households.

  • Samuel Airahuobhor Benjamin Amaechi ,in as much as I want to see reason with you,I will like to know what is the definition of 'POOR' in this context...

  • Adeola Samuel Opeyemi @Benjamin,not with 1.2million jobs created so far this year as released by Yemi Kale,Statistician general of Nigeria yesterday and with Jonathan confident assertion that poverty is not Nigeria problem

  • Obaje Nonyelum It means BA that all will participate in these economic recovery agenda if this present administration period.

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Benjamin Amaechi: Nigerian below poverty line:
    Nigerian below poverty line:
    Population below poverty line:
    70% (2010 est.)
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  • Benjamin Amaechi Samuel: Go to oshodi..mushin..ajegunle..maroko and see if you will like to change positions

  • Sam Abdulazeez BA: Those places are better now and they will continue to be better as days come. APC won't just destroy wrongly built settlements like PDP did in Abuja. Oshodi for example is wearing a much better face than before Fashola and more improvements are coming. Still better than PDP in my state.

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Adeola Samuel Opeyemi: you mean you still believe what politicians release for backing up their lies?

    the figures released by the statistician general of Nigeria are not even worth the ink and paper. What is the quality of those jobs? Are those jobs administrative jobs? Or are those jobs meant for construction, production? Are those jobs in the sector of services only?

    Take a walk! Ask the people in the street! If ever 1.2 Million jobs have been created they must also state how many jobs have been destroyed. Is it a net figure? Ok, 1.2 Million is better than nothing. But given that Nigerian population counts for some 170 Millions, 1.2 Millions are not even 1 %.
    Age structure:
    0-14 years: 43.2% (male 39,151,304/female 37,353,737)
    15-24 years: 19.3% (male 17,486,117/female 16,732,533)
    25-54 years: 30.5% (male 27,697,644/female 26,285,816)
    55-64 years: 3.1% (male 3,393,631/female 3,571,301)
    65 years and over: 3% (male 2,621,845/female 2,861,826) (2014 est.)

    Have also a look at the numbers of youth to enter bredwinners' age. It must just frighten all those Aso Rockians.

    Median of Nigerian population
    Median age:
    total: 18.2 years
    male: 18.1 years
    female: 18.3 years (2014 est.)
    This figure shows that HALF (50%) of the Nigerian population are younger than 18.2 Years. This means roughly eighty-five Million (85'000'000) people.

    urban population: 49.6% of total population (2011)
    rate of urbanization: 3.75% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)
    This figure shows why a lot of Nigerians are below or at poverty line.
    Everybody believes that he might "make" it in Lagos, Ibadan, Owerri, Abuja, Ekiti, Sokoto, Kaduna, Ilorin and so on.

    In fact they should go home to their villages to grow their own food until the industry gradually is expanding. While a domestic economy is being built up, they may go back and find their jobs. Meanwhile stay being farmers but GO to school.
    definition: age 15 and over can read and write
    total population: 61.3%
    male: 72.1%
    female: 50.4% (2010 est.)
    For being able to understand and gather information it is doubtless a MUST to master writing, reading, comprehending.
    As a tremendous amount of information can be accessed in the internet, it is a MUST to read and write.

    It cannot be that given that only a few people are above 65 years old, almost 30% of the men cannot read. When it comes to women it is even worth: Imagine 50% - half of all women 15 years and above cannot read!! What is this?

    Women in fact are the basis of a population; not the men! Who is leaving new born babies upon their mother has put it to bed??
    The mothers?... The fathers???

    If 50% of the women and 30% of the men are not able to read, comprehense and write, how can they understand what is said by writing??? Do they understand all the campaigns to ameliorate health. How can they understand when informed by writing about how important clean water is and how the decontamination of dirty water can be achieved by simple no-cost measures taken.

    How can they understand the contraceptives? How about veneral plagues? How are they passed? By the air? By juju?

    They simply cannot!! The palaver in the churches does NOT help!!!
    Once it happens it's been provided. Full stop!

    Child labor - children ages 5-14:
    total number: 11,396,823
    percentage: 29 % (2007 est.)
    Those 11.3 Million children just are abused as housegirls, houseboys and they are prevented from school. They do not learn anything but getting flogged, slapped, starved and shouted at. Later they will flog, slap, starve and shout at their own children. The vicious circle.

    This can be called slavery.... not tradition!

    Major infectious diseases:
    degree of risk: very high
    food or waterborne diseases: bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid fever
    vectorborne diseases: malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever
    water contact diseases: leptospirosis and schistosomiasis
    respiratory disease: meningococcal meningitis
    aerosolized dust or soil contact disease: one of the most highly endemic areas for Lassa fever
    animal contact disease: rabies

    The majority of those diseases are provoked by DIRT. Do not be vexed, I am far from vexing you.
    by food or waterborn diseases dirt and dirty water as well as smearing are the reasons.

    1) One of the main drivers is dirty water.

    2) Washing the hands with soap is a MUST before cooking.

    3) Washing the hands after easing oneself is a MUST

    4) Defacating just anywhere liked is very dangerous; bacteria and viruses are easily passed on.

    5) Cleaning a babygirls butt the wrong way round may cause severe inflamation of the genital tract as well the bladder even the kidneys.

    6) Some bacteria survive even in the dry season. Together with the dust bacteria can be transported long distances.

    Everybody knows about how easyly you can get Apollo. Once you have it the whole houshold will have it too. After 3 to 4 days it is over. But ohter diseases can take the same way. Those bacteria may not manifest but are inside the bodies. Once a person weakens because of lack of food and water, because of too hard work, lack of sufficient rest (sleep) too much stress, such bacteria are able to overwhelm the body, virtually take it over and the disease is breaking out e.g. cholera.

    Same with cough and katha. Due to dirty floors, dirty hands... children may rub the bacteria and viruses acquired from floors, soil, Itother children, doorhandles, carhandles, not properly washed dishes, glasses at restaurants as well as handshakes with dirty people.

    It is all about awareness. News have to be spread by the minister of health and women affairs. Gathering some huge headties in Abuja is not sufficient to instruct the people all over the countries and the states.

    Talking about something in air-conditioned room does never solve the problem. The hundreds of thousands students serving their country for almost 12 months upon completion of their studies could be instructed to spread the news as well as teaching people of all ages to learn how to read, write and comprehend thus enabling them to gather information.

    Obesity - adult prevalence rate:
    6.5% (2008)
    country comparison to the world: 146

    Children under the age of 5 years underweight:
    24.4% (2011)
    country comparison to the world: 26

    This figure simply means that out of 100 children under 5 years of age are undernourished causing underweight. Note that the first 5 years are very important for the development of the brain, verves and the body. If constantly undernourished a child cannot and will never perform at the extent of its potential. The brain is affected, learning will be difficult, even coordination while moving around can be hindered.

    6.5% of all the adults (18 years and above) are too heavy meaning too fat. Given that a median of 18 years means that 85 Million people are 18 years or above, 5'525'000 adults are too fat. The result thereof of are:
    1) High blood pressure
    2) Diabetes 1 and 2
    3) Too much cholesterol
    4) Heartdesease
    5) Joints - knees, ankles, back, hips, shoulderbones, ellbows - are overstressed thus they deteriorate.
    6) Heart attack
    7) Brain stroke
    8) Headache
    9) Short breath, heavy breathing on slightest movement
    10) Financial loss because of expensive treatments, medicaments, transport

    IN SHORT: both undernourishment as well as obesity cause massive destruction to the economy.

    Labor force:
    51.53 million (2011 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 12

    Labor force - by occupation:
    agriculture: 70%
    industry: 10%
    services: 20% (1999 est.)

    The figure of 1.2 Million jobs must be looked at in the perspective to a total Labour force of 51.53 Million. 1.2 Million out of 51.53 Million leaves us with an increase of jobs of 2.3%. Looking at the total of Nigerians between the age of 15 and 64 of 95'167'042 the figure turns out to some 1.26%.

    And do not forget, remember: there are another 76505041 Nigerians between 0 and 14 years of age ready to enter the labour market in 4 to 18 years. And there is still more to come.

    Check the houses for counting the ones lying idle still in bed, sitting in front of the tv, running up and down the roads, being busy doing nothing.

    When being idle for too long people become even too lazy to tackle micromotions.

    Talk a lot, look for food, trying to get credit or dash, calling their kinfolk abroad. Dying of desease or injuries because not getting treatment for the lack of money.

    copyright thomas ramseyer
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